What kind of application is ArtSticker?

ArtSticker is an art communication platform that allows you to send support directly to artists and easily leave your impressions of their artwork.

The following functions are available with user registration (free of charge)

  • Follow: You can follow artists and other users you like.
  • Like: you can 'like' users' posts and comments.
  • Comment: You can comment on users' posts.
  • View artworks: You can view artworks and event information from the information displayed on the home screen.
  • Share artworks: You can share your favourite artworks and events to other SNS.

You can also send stickers to your favourite artworks and use the following functions.

  • Sticker : You can support the artist by sending a sticker to the artwork you like.
  • Post : You can write comments on the artwork you have sent a sticker to.
  • Share comments: you can share the comments you have posted to other social networking sites.
  • Collection: Artworks to which you have sent a Sticker are collected in ArtSticker.

Other functions

  • You can buy tickets to events and exhibitions.
  • You can purchase artworks you are interested in.
  • Listen to audio guides at art festivals.

Enjoy meeting new artworks and artists and communicating with other users on ArtSticker.

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