Only those who have been approved as accredited artists can register their work on ArtSticker.

Please note that it is not possible for artists to register themselves.

What is an accredited artist?

An accredited artist is an artist whose work has been approved for publication after verification of the artist's identity, confirmation that the work is his or her own, and confirmation that the artist has not violated any other terms of use.

How to become a certified artist

Currently, only ArtSticker accredited artists can register and publish their work, and we do not accept requests from general artists to publish their work.

Please understand this in advance.

If you are an artist on behalf of an artist

Museums, galleries, event managers and others who manage artists and artworks and are entitled to receive a portion of Sticker sales based on a contract with ArtSticker (called "collaborators" on ArtSticker) can register artworks on behalf of artists. The collaborator can also register artwork on behalf of the artist.

If a collaborator registers a work, he/she must also associate the work with the artist.

Please note that the collaborator alone cannot register a work without the artist's consent.

For more information on collaborators, please click here.


What is an administrator?

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