Registering and editing artist information

The 'Artist Information' screen allows you to edit the content displayed on the artist page on ArtSticker.

* is a required field.

Artist name *

Enter the name of the artist.

e.g.) Misa Tanaka, Yuji Abe Company, etc.

Title *

Please enter your title.

e.g.) Illustrator, Sculptor, etc.

Profile *

Please enter a brief profile.

140 characters max.

Detailed profile *

Please enter a detailed profile.

1,000 characters max.

Profile image *

Upload a profile image of the artist.

Width 828px or more png, jpg


You can add a link to your website or social networking account.

Enter the name and URL of the link.

e.g.) Name: Twitter URL:


Please enter a hashtag related to the artist.

There is no limit to the number of hashtags.

e.g. #landscape_series, black_and_white etc.


Please enter your exhibition history and biography.

You may enter multiple 'contents' within the 'item name'.

There is no upper limit to the number of items and contents.


Item name: 2018

Content: "Anonymous", Gallery V, New York, USA

Content: "Young Portfolio 2020", Museum of Photographic Arts, Tokyo, Japan

Item name: Education

Description: Tokyo Women's University, Tokyo, Japan. Bachelor of Art. Graduated in March 2000 with a degree in European Literature.


ArtStciker artist pages can contain links to members' user pages.

If you have more than one member, please add a username for each.

There is no upper limit to the number of members.

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