Sales distribution

ArtSticker allows for the sharing of Sticker sales between several people or organisations by stipulating the distribution of sales.

How sales are calculated

In-app purchases (iPhone, Android)

The Chain Museum collects a system fee of 30% of the 70% after deducting 30% of the App Store (iOS) / Google Play (Android) fee, and the remaining amount is recorded as sales.

Credit card payment (web)

96% after deduction of 4% of the transaction fee, 30% of which is collected by The Chain Museum as a system fee, and the remaining amount is recorded as sales.

Sales distribution

There are two types of distribution of sales

  1. 100% for the artist himself/herself
  2. The artist + collaborator can choose their own share.

The type of sales distribution for a work is determined by the presence or absence of collaborators involved in the work.

In case 2, the sales share will be determined according to the agreement between the artist and the collaborator.

Changes to the sales allocation

In principle, the sales allocation cannot be changed.

If a change is necessary, the agreement must be concluded again and the work is treated as a separate work.

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