Can I register a work on behalf of an artist?

After registering as a collaborator, you can register your work information in the following steps.

Please note that you will need to register as an artist separately.

(Artist registration must be completed by the artist themselves.)

(1) Log in to the ArtSticker dashboard.

The staff member in charge will inform you of the ArtSticker Dashboard login screen (first time only).


2) Register collaborator and account information

To register a work, you will need to register your collaborator and account information (first time only).

3) Registration and application of work information

*Register your artist name and artwork information.


4) Agree to the Terms of Use


(5) Brush up

If necessary, the staff in charge will give you feedback on your artwork information.

Please correct your registration details and re-apply.


(6) Pre-publication review

The Management Office will check the submitted documents and finalise the registration details.


(7) Release

After the work registration review is completed, the work will be published by the Management Office and you will be notified by email.

The work must be approved separately by the artist before it can be published.

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