What is a collaborator?

What is a collaborator?

ArtSticker refers to those who manage artists and artworks, such as museums, galleries and event managers, and who have a contractual relationship with ArtSticker as 'collaborators'.


A collaborator is designated for each artwork.

For example, a collaborator called 'Gallery Tanaka' is 'the collaborator for work A'. Note that the collaborator is not a collaborator on an artist-by-artist basis.


In some cases, more than one collaborator may be designated for a single work.

For example, the collaborator 'Gallery Tanaka' is 'the collaborator for work A and also the collaborator for work B'.


The collaborator is required to specify at the time of application which work he/she will be the collaborator for and what percentage of the fee he/she will receive for each work.

To find out more about the distribution of rewards, please click here.


What a collaborator can do

Once you have been registered as a collaborator, you will be able to perform the following actions

  • Posting the event page

For more information

  • Create a collaborator page (optional)

You can list the artists and artworks you manage on your collaborator page, as well as basic information such as an overview of the museum/gallery, access, etc.

The publication of collaborator pages is optional. This function is currently under preparation.

  • Submitting new artworks

New artworks can be submitted on behalf of artists.

The artist must be pre-registered.

  • Editing information on works currently on the site

Edit information on works currently on the site on behalf of the artist.

  • Registering and changing account information

You can register an account to receive partial rewards for works for which you have been designated as a collaborator.


What collaborators cannot do

  • Edit the artist's page
  • Register or change the artist's account information


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