Apply for a transfer

Make a transfer request

How to operate

  1. Click the 'Apply for money transfer' button on the 'Apply for money transfer' screen.


  1. Confirm your account information and the amount that can be transferred, enter the amount to be transferred, and then click the 'Apply' button.


Checking previous transfer requests

Past transfer applications are displayed in the following area.


Date of transfer creation

Displays the date when the transfer request was made.


The following types of status are available

  • Unprocessed: when the transfer has not yet been completed after the application has been received
  • Processed: when the transfer has been completed.


The types include the following types

  • User request: when the customer applies for the transfer
  • Automatic by deadline: when there has been no remittance application for more than three months since the last day of the month in which the sales were recorded and an automatic transfer application is made.

Date processed.

The date on which the transfer was made is displayed.

Transfer amount

Displays the amount to be transferred.

If you are liable for commission, the amount will be deducted from the amount.

(For applications submitted on or after 26/10/2019, ¥286 will be deducted.)

Commission fee

  • None if the amount transferred is ¥10,000 or more.
  • Yes" if the amount transferred is less than ¥10,000.

If the amount of the transfer is less than ¥10,000, the answer is "Yes".

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