Use the image composition function.


What is the image composition function 'View in a room'?

The image composition function 'View in a room' allows you to simulate the image of your artwork when it is displayed in a room.

Once you have made the settings on the dashboard, the image will be displayed in the 'View in a room' area of the artwork page.

This is particularly useful for artworks that are currently on sale, as it will help customers when they are considering purchasing the artwork.

The 'View in a room' function is only available when accessed from a smartphone.

Conditions for works that can be set

The 'Size' must be set in the 'Basic Information' tab of the work on the dashboard.

If the work has "No size" or "Free input", it cannot be used.

This function is not available for artworks that are extremely long or wide.

How to set up

Please follow the steps below to set up from the dashboard. 1.

1. log in to the dashboard. 2.

2 [Work Info] > Select the work you wish to configure. 3.

3. go to the 'Basic Info' tab > Enter the size of the artwork in the 'Size' field.

(If you have already entered this information, you do not need to do this.) 4.

Select the Composite tab. 5.

Select [Composite settings] > [Enable Artwork Composite]. 6.

6 [Artwork image] > Upload the image of the artwork you wish to composite. 7.

7. select [Background image] > [Enable all background images] or [Select background image optionally].

- Enable all background images: If a background image is added or changed, the changes will be applied automatically.

- Select background images arbitrarily: only background images that you have ticked will be applied.

About the best artwork image

The uploaded artwork image will be placed on the wall with a shadow.

Therefore, uploading an image of the artwork with no margins around it will give you an image that is closer to the actual placement.


For artwork that is not rectangular (flat artwork with complex shapes such as circles and polygons), set a transparent png image that has been cropped to match the shape of the artwork, so that shadows are cast along the silhouette and the image is closer to the actual placement.


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