What is blockchain?

Traditionally, digital data has been centrally managed by a specific administrator, but in public blockchains, there is no specific administrator and information is managed in a decentralised manner by each participant in the network.

Conventional digital data management is vulnerable to data tampering by malicious administrators or users, but the blockchain mechanism allows an unspecified number of administrators to hold the same information in a decentralised manner, thereby reducing the possibility of data tampering to an absolute minimum.

This ensures that important information relating to the value of an artwork is correctly recorded.

Startrail protects the trust of the artwork even after its secondary distribution with its blockchain infrastructure, Startrail, which was created for the distribution and valuation of artworks.

Furthermore, Startrail does not record the owner's personal information or the purchase price of the artwork, so you can use it with peace of mind while protecting your privacy.

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